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I Inside the Old Year Dying
PJ Harvey
Partisan Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
7 Juli 2023

PJ Harvey’s tenth studio album I Inside the Old Year Dying marks her first release in seven years, following UK #1 album The Hope Six Demolition Project. On this album, which was recorded with long-time creative collaborators John Parish and Flood, PJ Harvey builds a sonic universe somehow located in a space between life’s opposites, and between recent history and the ancient past. Scattered with biblical imagery and references to Shakespeare, all of these distinctions ultimately dissolve into something profoundly uplifting and redemptive.

Digitale Titelliste

  1. 1 Prayer at the Gate 4:14 Kaufen

    Prayer at the Gate

  2. 2 Autumn Term 3:20 Kaufen

    Autumn Term

  3. 3 Lwonesome Tonight 3:48 Kaufen

    Lwonesome Tonight

  4. 4 Seem an I 3:06 Kaufen

    Seem an I

  5. 5 The Nether-edge 3:17 Kaufen

    The Nether-edge

  6. 6 I Inside the Old Year Dying 1:52 Kaufen

    I Inside the Old Year Dying

  7. 7 All Souls 4:21 Kaufen

    All Souls

  8. 8 A Child's Question, August 2:46 Kaufen

    A Child's Question, August

  9. 9 I Inside the Old I Dying 3:08 Kaufen

    I Inside the Old I Dying

  10. 10 August 2:41 Kaufen
  11. 11 A Child's Question, July 3:02 Kaufen

    A Child's Question, July

  12. 12 A Noiseless Noise 3:57 Kaufen

    A Noiseless Noise

PJ Harvey

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