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Faith in the Future
Craig Finn
Partisan Records
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September 11, 2015
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Faith In The Future is the second solo album from Craig Finn. Josh Kaufman produced the record in the cozy, rustic confines of Woodstock’s The Isokon recording studio and helped Finn stretch the boundaries of his songwriting with confidence, invention and ambition in order to realize what will be a defining moment in his career.

At times stark and spare, at other times vibrant and dynamic, Faith In The Future is Finn’s most compelling collection thus far, each song a powerfully alluring and subtly nuanced composition wedded to his distinctive short story narratives. Much of the material on Faith In The Future was written after the passing of Finn's mother, and while none of the songs directly address that loss, the themes of perserverence and finding redemption can be found throughout the album.

“I had both the music and lyrics to these songs, though they changed a great deal in the studio,” Finn explains. “There’s a grandness to The Hold Steady that tends to make me write about bigger, more dramatic themes. Some of these songs are more mundane, with minor slices of life that wouldn’t best be supported by the hugeness of a rock group. It wasn’t always about what we wanted to put in, but what should we leave out? We didn’t want to sermonize or moralize. Just let these songs, and characters, be.”

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Maggie I've Been Searching For Our Son Craig Finn 4:02 Buy
  2. 2 Roman Guitars Craig Finn 4:05 Buy
  3. 3 Newmyer's Roof Craig Finn 4:41 Buy
  4. 4 Sarah, Calling From a Hotel Craig Finn 3:15 Buy
  5. 5 Going To a Show Craig Finn 3:29 Buy
  6. 6 Sandra From Scranton Craig Finn 4:00 Buy
  7. 7 Saint Peter Upside Down Craig Finn 4:25 Buy
  8. 8 Trapper Avenue Craig Finn 4:34 Buy
  9. 9 Christine Craig Finn 3:57 Buy
  10. 10 I Was Doing Fine (Then a Few People Died) Craig Finn 3:15 Buy
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